Meester Bart

Bart Ongering, better known as Meester Bart, is a teacher at the OSB in Amsterdam Bijlmer that got a lot of attention online by sharing interesting statements his students made. These statements would vary from funny, to touching and honest. Bart, through his storytelling, gave us a great look inside the heads of these children, but this mini documentary tries to shed some light on the storyteller himself.

CRZE – Brown Legs on the Sidewalk

Every woman is made up of a variety of details that make her who she is; funny, cute, sexy, strong, shy, weird – you name it. This video is an ode to a few of those details.

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Bliss is a platform for independent filmmakers consisting of a regularly returning short film night and a mobile app that features their work. More info:


Two HKU graduate fashion designers created two separate collections and decided to present them together in a collaborative video/photo shoot. Womenswear by maiohwn.
Menswear by Dennis Bareiro.


A short video that shows the end result of a collaboration between two fashion designers creating a single collection. More at maiohwn and Dennis Bareiro.